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Aso Oke Apron Khaki

Handcrafted bartender apron, designed for active use.
With sustainability in mind, the BarmanTV apron uses locally sourced leather and Aso Oke. Providing jobs for local craftsmen. Each apron is hand made and so has a unique fingerprint and is truly, the only one of its kind.

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Aso Oke means ‘top cloth’ in English. Made according to a 600 year old weaving tradition. It is the traditional wear of the Yorubas, the second largest tribe in Nigeria. Aso Oke is worn in celebrations to express wealth, power and prestige as well as the philosophy of the people.

The word ‘welcome’ is embroidered on the apron in 4 West African languages;

  • Ekaabo is from the Yoruba Language spoken by approximately 30million people in West Africa primarily in Benin & Nigeria. Many Yoruba words are used in the Afro-Brazilian religion known as Candomblé. Yoruba is also used in many other Afro-American religions in the Americas and the Caribbean
  • Ibiala is from the Igbo Language, the principal native language of the Igbo people, an ethnic group of southeastern Nigeria. The language has approximately 24 million speakers
  • Akwaaba  is from the Akan Language,  native to Ghana & spoken by 30% of the population of Ivory Coast
  • Maraba is from the Hausa language, spoken as a first language by approximately  47 million people in Africa. More common in southern Niger and northern Nigeria

Additional information

Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions38 x 5 x 33 cm





Machine/Hand wash (Detachable O-rings)


Your apron is customisable on request and can include your name, company logo or both. 


One size fits all, adjustable leather strap


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